He likes me, but doesn't want to be with me or date me..

He's 18, I'm 20. We had a fling that lasted the whole summer, and after that things got awkward because he wanted to be with his friends more. We only saw each other once in about two weeks, so it's not like I was suffocating him. We saw each other at a club and clearly he doesn't want to date me.


I asked him out once because I was getting sick of the situation. It would make him decide where this is going, I thought. He said yes at first and then came with a lame excuse why he couldn't come, last minute.

Two weeks later he came up with an excuse and said there was a misunderstanding when my friend told him I was disappointed. He told me he likes me and he thinks I'm really sweet and fun to be around.

Yesterday he acted like nothing ever happened, he talked to me and tried to make me laugh.. we were at a friends birthday party.

What should I do with this guy? I'm getting real mixed signals and I guess he doesn't really like me that much if he doesn't want to put in any effort.

I'm getting insecure because of it, don't like playing games at all.


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  • Maybe that guy wants to play around. If a guy really likes you he will do all his efforts to keep in touch with you. Or maybe he has his own priorities.

    • I just haven't found someone who really wants to take a chance on me yet, I think. This guy just wanted to have some fun. Maybe you can tell me how I can recognise someone who's serious about me? Because I haven't had a boyfriend ever and I don't know how to spot guys who want a relationship with me.

    • You would know that based on his actions toward you, and also you would feel it.

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