Guys don't answer when they are busy?

if you aren't in a relationship and the guy texts you first a lot and usually answers your texts pretty fast when you text first, should I be offended that he hasn't answered yet? it's been a few hours but I don't know what he's up to today. he isn't my boyfriend we just talk pretty often and I know sometimes he works on Sundays.

ok he texted me back this morning he apologized


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  • Offended? Wow, easy there...

    Especially since he's not your boyfriend, you should give him some space to answer, no matter what his tendency before is


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  • Yes, he is likely busy, don't over think things... If he's something like a waiter or does sales on the floor he probably won't get back to you until his shift is over.

    • last week he texted me one day, we saw each other and it was really nice, and then I texted him a few days ago and he answered back to me in 2 minutes. he is a busy guy, he has a lot more going on in his life than I do. I just don't want him to be ignoring me, not get an answer makes me worry.

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    • I told ya so... hehe =P

  • All because someone has offered you their attention for a period of time doesn't give you the right to build a sense of self entitlement around it.

    Why would you be offended about it?

    Not everything is about you.

    • i just don't want him to ignore me because if he does it must mean he doesn't like me at all.

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    • like how? I saw him last week, he was very into me, or seemed it, and he messaged me after telling me he had been thinking of me and was glad to see me and I am suposed to see him again this week

    • You're still ignoring my answer.

      If he was into you last week, he's probably still into you this week.

      Stop being so clingy and obsessive!

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