Guys: How can a girl tell if you are trying to be friends, network, or date her?

And what are your different approaches for all three things?


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  • Network --> You kind of just do stuff together. You get their numbers, and organise activities to do together. You don't really care about their welfare outside of shared interests.

    Friends --> You feel a connection at a personal level. You may share common believes, thoughts, ways to do things. Not only do you do stuff with them but you care about them if things happen to them.

    Date --> Not only do you have a connection with her at a personal level, but you also harbour romantic feelings for the person. Neural chemicals in your brain are triggered and it feels like you are addicted and obsessed with the person. You also want to have sex with this person.


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  • friends: no flirting

    network: no flirting

    date: FLIRTING

  • Friends, I'd treat her the same as everyone else.

    Network, I'd ask a lot about the things I'm interested in.

    Date, I'd be flirting a lot, smiling, trying to make her laugh


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  • I think that depends, cause over all it could be some level of attraction, Hmmm, I'm curious what's his profession?.