Have a girlfriend but this other girl makes me crazy about her. What to do?

This friend that I have, we met this summer and we both clicked with each other. She's just like me and it's so easy for me to understand her and she says that she feels the same way about me. I like so much having her on my lap and tickle her so I can touch her body. We never kissed. We just sit and cuddle and we text almost all the time and I think we flirt a little. I like so much having her around and talk and play with her. We're so much a like. She understands me like anyone else and thinks like me on almost every subject. Sometimes we havenĀ“t even finish one phrase and the other already knows what's the other going to say.

This all would be right if I didn't have a girlfriend and if she didn't have a boyfriend.

I'm so confused about what's happening... Please help me..


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  • Clearly you are not ready for a committed serious relationship. I always feel like people rush into relationship just because they really want to be in one instead of waiting for one to come around who is right for them. You can date without being committed to someone and I think a lot of people don't think about that. You should get to know many girls before settling that way you won't end up in your prediciment of feeling unsure. Right now I suggest you really think about where you are going with your relationship. Is your girlfriend someone you are serious with? Can you see yourself with her a year from now? 5 years from now? Are you with her because you just love having someone that you can regularly go to for sex? Why are you in a relationship? Does your girlfriend make you happy? If your relationship is pointless then don't waste your time being in it. Talk to your girlfriend and tell her you are not ready to be serious. She might be upset but she will get over it because you can't make someone be serious. If they aren't ready then they aren't ready. Right now you are letting another girl get close to you instead of telling her you are not interested. Do you want to do the idiot move by cheating and ending your relationship on bad terms? Or would you rather just be honest and tell your girlfriend that you are not ready to be serious and that you need some time to think that way you can end on good terms and might still be able to be friends without being a cheater. COMMUNICATION THE BEST WAY TO PREVENT DRAMA!


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  • as you can see, most people here are complete ****s..

    go for who you relate to the most.. shell drift away from her guy and you from your girl if you are a better match.

  • I say slow down with her, at this point with your relationship status, it'd be nothing but trouble.


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  • How sad. You two clearly deserve each other.

    She's sitting on your lap and touching each others' body (tickling) while both of you are in a relationship with someone else. That's so disrespectful. This girl will do the same to you with another dude IF she leaves her current boyfriend for you.

    It's natural to be interested in other people, we are all human, but all that flirting and body touching is totally uncalled for if you're in a relationship with someone else. Respect your girlfriend and breakup with her before doing any of that sh*t with someone else. Sickening. Maybe she'll find a decent guy who truly loves and treats her with respect.

  • wtf! you're a lesbo and you're borderline cheating on your girlfriend! Do your girlfriend a favor and break up with him. I mean her.

    • huh? no, I'm a guy. I messed up with the regist because I just wanted to ask this quickly...

    • oh okay, well don't be a pig. Break up with your girlfriend if you're going to be feeling this way about someone else because as of now you're emotionally cheating.

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