Should these be warning signs to me?

So this guy I've been dating/in a relationship on and off:

-told me he didn't pursue a girl on a blind date because she was "big"

- told me he got kicked off chatroulett once while we were girlfriend boyfriend because he "had his shirt off" then got mad at me for thinking about thinking him to be being sketchy/ cheating somehow

-calls me innocent just because I'm a virgin but have gotten sortof close not to being one ever since I was 14

-yeah that's about it :P otherwise he holds the door for me, says he wants to be with me, kisses me on the hand in the back seat of the car at night so my dad doesn't see... Little things like that ya bla


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  • Anybody that has a girlfriend and still uses chatroulett sounds sketchy to me

    • And then he had the nurve to start a sililar thing on fb viding with all these random looking girls from all over the world suddenly appear in his friends list but he doesn't go on anymore

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    • my guy's 18 lol

    • Lol must be a maturity thing around that age ...

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  • what are they warning you about.


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  • The only thing I'd be concerned about is Chatroulette... Pretty much everyone who went there just for fun conversation has been chased away by rogue penises, so...

    You say you're together "on and off" so it doesn't sound like the relationship has been very promising anyway?

    • we're on a very long break right now there are times when we're like "we are so close to getting back together" and sometimes when we don't talk like now, smh, farther apart