How to make it obvious you want a date.


How do I make it clear to a girl when I'm asking her out that it is a date. And not just a casual hang out?

What are some things I would say? compliment her first?.



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  • I think your fantastic and would love it if you would go out on a date with me. I know this great little place you would absolutely love. Basically totally bombard her psyche with flattery and compliments. Maybe even have a flower to give her when you ask her. Small warning becareful of what you do say becaz to much flattery may scare them off. Don't over do it by being like you are so beautiful and I've loved you since kindergarten. Remember KISS (keep it short and sweet).


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  • "Can I take you out sometime?"

    You can compliment her first, that's always a nice gesture.

  • "I really like you, would you like to go on a DATE with me this weekend?"


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