I like seriously don't like my Ex. Anyone relate with me?

This honestly comes and goes and I've had other girls in my life but she somehow winds up popping back in my head, or ill skim her FB page and it just like pisses me off...

She is not even in the same state as me nor do we talk. Haven't seen her in like 2 years almost, and when I did see her she kept making eye contact with me out of nowhere.. She added me on FB when I made an account and like I just don't understand. Not in touch nor do we interact. she's been dating this guy for a year now. We dated when we were in high school...

So how do we get over this? like there is still some resentment there... What did you do or how did you just forget about your first ?

I'd like to hear from girls and guys? Why the f*** did she add me on FB anyway?


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  • If she was your first very important girlfriend and you liked her a lot more or dislike her a lot, then it is hard to forget. It is especially true when you did not find one that meant a lot to you yet. Give yourself and another girl a chance to open up. Dating other people and actually opening up your heart to someone are two very diff. type of relationships.

    If you need more time, it is understandable. once you are ready to open up again, you will see that she is just one of your past g/f.

    • Yeah I just like have this resentment and I don't like the negativity

    • i understand...some people we never forget. but you also have to be good to yourself.

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  • Probably bcaz she's over it and your not. Tell her how you feel get it off your chest and speak your peace

  • Most of my exes I'm fine with and even close to, but there's one that still infuriates me a bit when I remember him. I have no feelings left, but I'm still shocked at some of his treatment, and I realized just how much of a jerk he was.

    She probably thought things were fine with you guys or wants things to be fine. If you dislike her that much, don't keep her as a friend. Of course you could also always ask her about it and maybe you two could bridge the gap between you.


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  • probably 70% of everyone who has one or more exes lol.