Do you think he wants a relationship with me? and not just casual dating?

Been seeing this guy for about 5 months almost 6.

We've been on two dates. Taking it kind of slow, which I love. (Mostly on my part)

We're going on a third tomorrow, to see a movie I really wanna see and I don't know what we're gonna do after.

We're always talking, texting (not 24/7) but for hours on end, either everyday or every other day depending on our schedules.

It's usually every other day

We have inside jokes, fun together, always flirting in person and via text. Passed the touch barrier, haven't kissed yet (I'm shy) but we give each other text kisses sometimes as flirting. He's hinted that he wanted to kiss me

We often tickle each other, harass each other, all smiles

Thing is, we're in no way exclusive (haven't had the talk) he "met" this one girl from the dating site we met on and they talked for a couple of weeks but he stopped talking to her (5 stage clinger)

thats the only girl he mentioned to me. I'm not sure if he's trying to have a relationship with me or just "casually" dating me...

We haven't kissed yet

we've hugged, touched

and flirt

so being that it's almost 6 months, wouldn't guys normally just say forget it and move on? or is this normal? I'm not planning on having sex with him anytime soon until I have more feelings for him and possibly in an actual committed relationship with him too, and he knows this by the way he sees I'm not all over him sexually

we've only have 2 dates because he is int he military and was out to sea for a little bit but we kept in constant contact and then we had different work schedules when he was back but that's changing now for the better.

let me know

thank you


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  • idk that fact that he is still meeting other girls still..shows he is unsure of you two...why don't you ask him

    • That was about 2 months ago. No word since. He's very open, so I think he hasn't been talking to anyone else. I was dating someone else too but I stopped and he knew about that guy too.