Girls what would you think of this?

I am a noob when it comes to girls, because I have only kissed one girl (and it was just a regular little kiss). I have never gotten past that with a girl so I am not sure of myself when it gets to those type of things with girls. Yet I have been on dates with a couple girls, but just haven't made any type of moves. My thing is there are a couple girls in my church that I like and think are cute. Got a number from one of them recently. I don't know if she really likes me, because I know girls might give out their number to guys, but not really feel anything for a guy. Girls if a guy tries to kiss you on the first date (whether he is nervous or not), how would think of that guy after that?

I have never tried to break the touch barrier and/or kiss the girl on the first date, much less any subsequent dates. Which I guess comes off as beeing way to shy or even not interested, even though I am to nervous to try. It comes down to not wanting to come off as a noob at my age even though I am.


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  • ummm are you a virgin? That's sad

    • Yes I am. Well you tell me how that is sad?

    • Nah just messing with you

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