My first date today with my boyfriend...

I am female

Today evening I am going date my boyfriend..who is very romantic...he is interested in sex and I just want I agreed for that but I am worried...what should I do?i don't want to hurt him


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  • He is gonna probably hurt you. He will not change his mind about romance after sex, he will use and then dump you, especially if you keep insisting he wants sex. Don't be another number on his scorecard, have some respect for yourself, and say no to sex unless he proves by his actions he's willing to commit.

    It's sweet that you care about hurting him, but trust me, you won't, you won't in the least, he will simply leave and find a woman who doesn't have self respect and thinks that by letting him have sex, she will change his mind.

    You deserve better.

    • Thanks for that...I am back after my first date with my boy friend..loved it...but I don't think so he is such a guy...though he insisted me in phone..we didn't had sex...he tired it..slowly and when I told him its hurting...he stoped it...n didn't even try again...but he is very happy after our first date...

    • That's good then. Glad you had a good time!

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  • So let me get this straight. Your between 25 and 29 years old, your going on your first date with this guy and he wants sex already and you are just going to let him have sex with you? I guess tommarow you will be back on here asking why guys only use you for sex...

    Your old enough to know this isn't gonna work

  • jsut have sex with him :D


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  • I don't understand.

    Sex can be romantic.

    You just want to with hold from sex , period (for whatever the reason may be).

    Have you two had sex before?

    This can explain why.

    If you two haven't explain to him that you really care for him, but you aren't yet comfortable to move that forward in your relationship has yet.

  • hear mi roar? lol. jk. but seriously if he is just interested in sex I wouldn't move too fast or at all with him because you might just get hurt. =/ tell him that you want to take things slow if you really like him but if you don't then you should find someone else to go out with. I mean yes...all guys will want to have sex but some are more patient about it than others. it's up to you.

    • Ya...I agree...all guys need it...and after my date I came to know he is patient about it...i am happy...Thanks:)

  • You should make your opinion on sexual relations very clear. You obviously haven't made that clear yet which is sort of bad. You should have made it very clear to him before there was any relationship to speak of. You may end up single at the end of the night, unless he turns out to be OK with it.