Telling someone I miss you, I want to see you, but then not making time when the opportunity arises

Ok so here is the situation.This girl and I have been "talking". Going out to dinner once, breakfast once and other small little get togethers out.

We don't text every second of the day, sometimes we won't talk at all for days. Our schedules conflict a lot - I work a 40 hour 9-5 job and she works 4-10/11 during the week and on some weekends.

This past Thursday we were both out, at different locations, with our friends. She had been texting me telling me she missed me, wanted to see me and all that. I texted her that I missed her too and id like to see her and was willing to drive to her place to see her...well I passed out by the time she responded and again she said "i miss you I wish I saw you tonight".

So the next day she said she wanted to see me...i went out Friday and she didn't. I asked if she wanted to see me after the bars closed and she said "maybe if I'm up"...well this girl is always up till like 4am...I texted her at 2 and she asked if we could see each other tomorrow (Saturday) and I said OK text me.

She texted me and said that she wanted to see me and I was like "dont you have work" and she said "yes but I wanna see you today and ima hold you to it" she went to work, got out, didn't text me...i ended up findiing out she went out to meet with friends at this bar, which is fine, but I would have at least like to have gotten a text like "hey I'm out with friends text me tomorrow' or SOMETHING...but we aren't dating so its whatever, no need to explain herself to me...

anyways she texted me Sunday morning and was like I'm so sorry I feel like an idiot, it was wrong of me to not text you after I told you I wanted to see you...blah blah...

this isn't the first time she's told me she missed me and not made time for me...something else comes up or she wants to chill with her roommate...i don't know its jsut weird to me..

Ladies, why do you do this? well, why does she do this? tell me she misses me and wants to see me yet won't make time to see me even if I'm the one attempting to hang out or inviting her over...

am I being played for my attention? what's the deal here? when you miss someone, you'd assume that youd make efforts to see them...right? her actions don't back up her words...i mean afterall its actions over words right?

any insight ladies?


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  • I can't give you any insight but would like to hear too since this guy has been doing that to me. Going out of his way to contact me daily then not making time for me. I wrote him off but since you are asking I would like to see what others have to say.


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