We keep coming back to each other, but I don't know what to do...

Freshman year I met a really nice guy and we started dating. I really liked him but for some reason whenever I thought about the fact that I was in a relationship, I got really panicked and nervous. I broke up with him but we stayed really good friends. We dated on and off about four more times, each time I hoped I could overcome this fear or whatever. I couldn't, and the same thing happened sophomore year. We each dated other people and grew closer as friends but ended up dating once again. I've ended it each of the six times. He is amazing, and we are literally best friends. We are juniors now and we hook up. We hang out all the time meaning to keep it as just friends but somehow it always leads to the next level. We can never just hang out, we're too, involved, I guess would be the word. I have these feelings for him where I literally just want to be with him, and we are so in sync. When he is sad I literally cry because of his pain. In theory ,we are perfect. But I'm not. I have issues. I don't know how to be in a relationship and not feel suffocated and panicked. What do I do? HELP PLEASE.


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  • I understand what you are going through. I am in a complicated relationship right now and I just realized last night that my relationship isn't going good because I'm not secure with myself. I haven't accomplished all the goals in life that I want. I cannot truly be happy and love someone else unconditionally because sometimes I feel inadequate and I think this is because I have to better my person.

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