What if a guy likes you but doesn't want to date?

He told me clearly he likes me, I like him too.

We hooked up a lot at a club, had a lot of fun. He stuck around the whole summer, but doesn't want to go on any dates (he came with a last minute excuse on the only date we planned, didn't risk it since)..

Did I do something wrong? Please give me some advice, I'm not going to make him date me, but should I move on or ask him why or something? He told me he likes me three weeks after he flaked out.


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  • Weird. What other actions has he done to prove he likes you. Saying isn't enough if he don't go out on dates with you.

    Either he doesn't like you and is just saying, or he is a flake or too scared to go out on dates.

    You are wasting your time with him, either get him to step up like a man and go on at least a single date with you, or find a man more reliable.

    • He's never had a girlfriend before, he's 18 and I'm 20.

      I think he's scared, he does talk to me when we see each other occasionally. Not reliable though, at all. It's hard because I do really like him.

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    • Hehe yeah could do, but I don't want to freak him out :)

      Bring out the handcuffs..! lol

      Guess I should just keep my options open and try to get a more mature guy

    • ha, thought he probably would.

      hahaha handcuff him to you ;)

      Seriously, don't wait for him forever. Ten to one he'll be on GAG later asking why you lost interest haha.

      Good luck, what ever you decide.

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