What's going on? Does he like me?

I meet this guys on Kik(Its like instant messaging for iphone users)

He kiked me first. We had a good convo. then we decided to text he's really nice, but I don't know if he likes me or if he bored. He has texted me good morning everyday which is really sweet, but we don't really talk about anything.. he asks me what I'm doing like five times a day.. LOL

I have killed to conversation so he doesn't feel obligated to keep texting me but he keeps texting me.. Like he'll take FOREVER to texts back sometimes but it seems like he wants to keep talking to me but we aren't really saying much.

Im a pretty passive aggressive person so I'm probably not going to say anything but do you think he likes me. or he's bored.. or something else?


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  • Could be a bit of both

    • So he's confused?

    • No more like... Average term if that makes sense... Not short term but not long term

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