Reality of Interracial Dating?

I'm an Asian guy and I just don't get a fair shake.

Asian girls - I am average to above average and girls attracted to me reflect this.

White girls - Only overweight or unattractive feel any attraction.



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  • Assuming you aren't an abnormally tall Asian guy, you're going to be fighting from a height disadvantage. Girls of all ethnic groups prefer taller men. With most Asian girls being shorter, there are probably more Asians that find you meet their minimum height requirements. Also, a lot of Asian guys are stereotyped as geeky/nerdy/socially odd, which means a lot of white girls won't touch you if they are biased in such a fashion. I've known some Asian guys that have done well with white girls, but they were generally really in great shape and had a very outgoing/cocky vibe that is contrary to what a lot of white girls think Asian guys are like.

    • Agreed. Appreciate your practical answer. I have two questions in the regard:

      1. Even when I ask out shorter White girls (for Asian standards) it's still low success rate? - Albeit there are way lesser of these lasses.

      2. Isn't it odd to be behave ver outgoing/cocky all the time? A secure person does not usually need to behave in this manner - ie. to date White girls I need to be more obnoxious?

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    • *weak, not week*

      My point being, is that a lot of girls are going to sterotype you before they even get to know you, especially the ones that haven't dated Asian guys before. I've dated some Asian girls, and they've had some sterotypes about what white guys are like. The bottom line is, try to break the mold a bit. If you live up to too many stereotypes, you're most likely going to bore the average white girl, and even a number of asians.

    • Don't be too predictable and you'll do better with women of all colors.

      For instance, if you are a football player, it might not hurt to like poetry. Why? Well, a girl who is approached by a jock isn't likely to think of him as also the intellectual type.

      In short, surprise women and they'll find you more interesting and attractive. This especially applies to dating interracially.

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  • I'm a Caucasian girl. Thin, not unattractive and I prefer Asian men to western men. Having said that, that is when talking solely about looks, personality, interest, goals, etc also play a huge role in my choice of men.


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  • Its evolution really. During the early days of humanity one needed a way to distinguish between those who were likely to do one harm and those likely to help. This was determined by appearance. Mainly because if they didn't look like you they weren't from the area, if you weren't from the area you didn't know how to survive here if you can't survive naturally here so your likely to take what is mine. What your experiencing is a remnant of this evolutionary thinking which is unfortunate. Keep trying because there is an instinct to not breed with your own race (I say race because I lack a better word) play off of that when pursuing a woman. Identify yourself as fresh genes might help.

  • oh boohoo. The world doesn't owe anyone a fair shake. You gotta put yourself out there, stand out, show them you have it where it counts. I've seen all types of men find women. I've seen very good looking men screw up so much they were left alone.

    Self-pity will not get you anywhere. Snap out of it! Pull yourself together and show the world why any woman should pick you!

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