I called and texted him and he didn't respond to either and now I feel like crap.

He lives in my old state and we've been talking for 2 and a half yrs, and this past trip I took up there a month ago he told me there's a 90% chance we will be together if I move up there..

I haven't talked to him since..i tried texting him a few times after that night and he won't respond!

I called him tonight then sent him a text and no reply.

It makes me feel like he hates me.

Is this really a big deal or am I just being sensitive?


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  • Forget him,chances are he found someone else, you shouldn't even be suggeting you move down there.He's just giving you high hopes for something that might not even happen.Let him go he's gone and ya been talking for 2 and a half yrs.He never even thought about asking you or something?no no jerks like that got to go.