Am I being selfcentered... or is there something wrong here?

Me and him have been dating for about 2 months now... started talking alil over 3 months ago. Well he decides to text me and asks if how would I feel if he left for about a month for a job?... Am I being selfcentered as to feel that I don't want him to leave yet? we had plans of him meeting my family, and my father is getting antsy because he don't know the guy that his daughter has been dating for 3 months. we have all these plans and now he is just wanting to up an leave for a job that he don't even know about yet. Am I wrong for feeling this?


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  • Ask him what the job is bout. Did he agree to meet your family or his reaction was like "hmmmmm maybe...ok...".Maybe it's too early for him to meet your family, but if he hasn't a problem meeting them, you should bring him over before he leaves. It is normal for you to feel that way because you must be falling for him and you're not ready to distance yourself from him after a short amount of time.

    • hes all for meeting my family. he the one that kinda suggested it. He tells me he loves me and all that jaz... its just I feel like crying at the thought of him leaving for a whole month.. yes that part I know is self centered. ... and.. I got this small feeling that there is something going on that he isn't telling me about. Id if its family... or if he's got another girl... I have this gut feeling... I don't know what to do.

      i don't wanna come on too strong.. cause maybe its all in my head .

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    • i just don't know how to be happy for him about this so called job. I wanna be, but part of me isnt. That's that part that gets me that he is just up and willing to move without a thought. ...but only for one month. I don't know of many jobs like that. Its a tow trucking company btw.

    • Give him a chance. If he had a better offer, I'm pretty sure he would have took it. If you two can get over this, then there's a great chance you're up to many more months of relationship.

  • I don't think you're being self-centered. I mean you do say you guys already had plans made out prior and now all of a sudden he wants to leave on a whim for a job? That at all is not very considerate and sounds kind of sketchy on his part. But, in no way do I feel you guys should be meeting each others parents yet. If you feel you're ready than, do you but you guys have only been dating for two months and you say you guys were only talking 3 months before then. Slow down. Pace yourself. No need to jump into a relationship. Even if your parents are "antsy" as you say about meeting your boyfriend, tell them you want to give it sometime. But, unless you're really serious about it, than its up to you to decide.

    • he suggested meeting my dad... and he's the one that said he loved me first and wanted to be in a relationship... maybe I'm making a huge mistake. it does seem to be moving kinda fast. But the fact that he just up and wants to move 2 states over for a job for only one month.. it sounds very strange.