Girls, advice on a first date?

I don't know her very well, but were friendly. I'm nervous about keeping her entertained and trying to hard or having an awkward silence. whether or not ill be able to make her laugh


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  • so no offense to girls that suggest it but if a guy does a picnic as a date, I'm not going out with him again.

    keep the conversation light and keep the date kinda short.


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  • Things become awkward when you think too much or plan every detail! For your first date I suggest anything but a movie and dinner, way too cliche and you want to show her you have creativity! Take her on a walk in the park then surprise her with a pic-nic! Just have fun and goof off on the playground , be all romantic and push her on the swing! Girls love dates that sound like they're straight out of a movie so give her one! Just don't plan the evening in detail, have a basic idea and just have fun!

  • Do something that's at least slightly active so you have something to focus on other than trying to keep a conversation going the entire time and if there is a silence it probably won't seem too awkward.


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