Using me or does he really like me?

i've talked to this kid for a while, and I've recently started liking him alot. He invited me over yesterday and its the first time we hung out by ourselves. I met his mom, and stepdad and uncle and it was really nice. We hung out for a little and he kissed me and everything went down hill from there, things happend but I didn't sleep with him. I feel like I rushed things, but I've known him for a while and I talked to him since the beginning of this summer. When I was there I promised to myself and I told him that I wouldn't participate in anything anymore until we dated and if we even dated and I told him how I was scared that he was going to hurt me. Later on I left, and he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship because he just got out of one. We've been talking nonstop now. what do you think?


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  • He's also feeling scared too. I think he does like you. Especially if you guys are talking non-stop lol. But both you are young and this is all new to you. Don't rush things, don't push to "make it official", just spend time with it and try to make it enjoyable for him, and hopefully he'll do the same for you as he should.

  • You guys are still young. It sound like he is thinking more with his hormone than his brain. If he wants it before you guys have been dating for at least a few months, it is way too early. You guys are still so young, don't make this mistake. You appears to be thinking rationally, if he really likes you, he will wait.

    If for whatever reason you decided to give in, use protection.

    • im not planning on that. but I feel like I rushed things even though I really like him. I just don't want to fall for him and him not feel the same you know?

    • I know exactly what you mean. Guys at this age are very irrational and impulse driven. Men's brain really don't completely develop until 25. That's why their car insurance drop so much at 25.

      I think your thought are in the right track. I would continue with your plans. Good luck.

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