Boyfriend doesn't want female friend to know we're dating, weird? (also Facebook is involved)

So there's this girl, "Ali" who was super in love with my boyfriend, "David" before he and I started dating, 2.5 years ago. They were good friends I guess but she was pretty obsessive about him and he told her he didn't want to date her. So he and I started dating and she was pissed at me naturally but whatever.

1.5 years go by, and David and I break up. It wasn't working at the time and we needed space. He continues to be friends with Ali, talks to her sometimes and stuff. After a few months we got back together, and slowly made it official again.

We recently put in back on Facebook (we don't care much about Facebook but it's something people look at). I just now realized that David hid it from Ali and a few others who don't like me all that much (mostly girls). I asked him about it and he said they're meddlers and would just annoy him. Fine, I get that...kinda annoying but doesn't really matter.

So this weekend David and I went to his cabin to get away because we've been really busy and haven't had much time together lately. We're driving and I'm holding his phone for him, and I see Ali wrote on his wall, saying "I hope you don't get too tired working all weekend! Let's Skype next weekend?" Naturally I was like..."Um...David you're not working, you're with me..."

He doesn't want her to know we're dating because he doesn't want her to meddle and say it's a bad idea because we broke up before...blah blah and stuff like that. Yeah I agree she's annoying like that, but it's still weird I think.

I really want to write on his wall, "Had such a great weekend with you at the cabin! <3" So she can see it and be upset. Sort of immature, but she was not at all nice to me when we started dating the first time. And why can she write on his wall and I can't? haha. What do you guys think? Should I just leave it, or is this weird?


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  • You are one gullible girl.


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  • Not weird. I got the same problem. This crazy girl follows me around, follows the girls I'm interested in around it was a nightmare. I literally couldn't talk to a girl without her being jealous I had to hide everything. I find it funny you want to rub it in her face, but don't instigate she may go psycho.

    Listen he probably just doesn't want to messed up in DRAMA so don't bring it upon him. Keep chill go with the flow don't create any excess drama. Focus on him and your relationship, cause I think by blocking out those people that's what he is doing you should do the same. Just be the chill girlfriend.

    • However, if you really want him to be the man. Then tell him to tell them that YOU are his girlfriend and back the F off, and he doesn't care what any of those haters say. That's blunt to the point and straight forward. You don't do it HE should.

    • I like this answer because it's nice and reasonable haha. I get the avoiding drama thing and all that. I haven't written anything because he doesn't want me to. What rubs me the wrong way is that he's not just blocking her out though, I mean he's still going to Skype her next weekend and stuff. So because I can't say anything, I feel like she feels all good about herself since he gives her attention. Does that make sense?

    • Oh just saw your comment. Well that sort of contradicts the "be a chill girlfriend" thing...

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  • Your boyfriend doesn't want Ali to know about the time he is spending with you.

    That is why he is telling her that he is working when really he is going to a cabin with you.

    You are the "other woman".

    He is playing both of you. Is is screwing more people than just you.

    He is a player.

    • He is doing multiple women. You guys are being duped, cheated on, played, fooled, wake up.

    • Ok, well I know it seems bad, which is kind of why I asked this question. I'm 100% sure he's not cheating on me though. He really would not do that, plus she's working in a different country right now ha ha so that's not even possible. I just wish he wasn't lying about it.

    • 100% sure huh? Lol well good luck w that. He has to hide you from her cause he's not man enough to stand up and tell her the truth? He sounds like a real winner! I'm sure we will be seeing your questions in the break up section soon enough.