Is he keen or not? And what do I do next?

OK So! Sunday night I was approached by an extremely attractive guy at a pub. He was sober - as was I. We talked for a while, there was some small physical contact gestures and a lot of flirting.

My friend - who is the worst wingwoman ever - was failing to entertain herself so I had to politely end my conversation with him after exchanging numbers.. I went to give him a hug and he managed to sneak in an awkward quick kiss.

I sent him a text a little later and just apologize and said I wasn't trying to be rude and was just trying to help my friend out.

We have text back and forth a few times since and the conversation is light and chatty. A couple of times he has asked me what I'm up to or suggested we should hang out but I am pretty busy during the week so I haven't been able to actually arrange anything.

He made a no specific comment last night that we should hang out soon and I replied at like 3am and said that would be great and what did he want to do? (uhh I have sleep issues at the moment haha)

He ignored that but messaged me again tonight saying he was in my area visiting family

I had basketball and training so I just wrote back and made a joke about something and yeah.

Anyway.. I am suspicious he's just after a sex thing? He takes like hours to reply to messages ( have I but not as long as him) and hasn't really suggested a date or requested any commitment to a time or date from me...

What do you think?

By the way.. I don't care if it is just a sex thing cause he is epic hot... I just want to know what I'm getting into haha.

Disclaimer: I am newly single and won't be held accountable for my inability to understand the wants, needs or signals or males right now. ha ha :P

I think I'm just gonna send him a 'come over' type message and be done with it... haha


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  • Probably just wants a bit of action if he's not following through on organising any time or date to hang out, but it does sound like timing hasn't really been on your side as well. I wouldn't worry about the extended reply time, some people don't check their friends frequently, and a lot of guys I know intentionally wait a while before replying to a girl's message so they don't come off as being too desperate.

    • So in short you're saying... I should just chill and go with it hey :P

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    • Also... That should say 'some people don't check their phones frequently' as you probably figured out for yourself, lol.

    • Haha, that I did.

      Thanks for your response :)

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  • booty call baby, 2 knock offs in a night. He said family because she was calling him daddy.

    • ahahaha

      his family legit live near me :P but I do think the whole thing is something along those lines

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  • Some people just take ages to text. You're right that it's a bit offputting when someone doesn't try to make a committed time, though is he busy too?

    What would you prefer? That it's for sex or that it's for a date?

    • Well he was the kind of guy I looked at and went... damn! Why are you talking to me... haha.

      So I have no preference I will consider whatever happens as an achievement! :P

    • In that case, play it by ear. Keep trying to get together - either way he wants to see you for something, right? Generally I assume a guy doesn't just want to sleep with me if they put that much effort in, but maybe you're just that attractive :p

    • Haha my gosh I could only hope that has something to do with it. Thanks for your response :D