We started communicating .... I sent a text & she did not respond

It has been 2 days & nothing ... Should I call? I assume it will go to voice mail ... My response was going to be ... I was scared you might answer, and I would have had no clue what to say... She is dealing with a major tragedy ... The silence is death defying


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  • I know how the silence is. If you want you can go ahead and call her. Even if is does go to voice mail she will still know you thought of her.

    • Thnx .. We broke up 6 weeks ago, started texting a little bit ... I went to Paris for two weeks and in that period her ex committed suicide leaving two little girls behind... So she is going through a nightmare, I don't want to be pushy or want a commitment ... The silence is deadly

    • How horrible that this happened to her. It is natural to want to be there for her when she needs someone there for her for emotional support.

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  • Texting is not real communication. Its not personable. Call...and when she doesn't answer, leave a message for her to call you. If she doesn't respond in a week...delete her number.

    • I appreciate your answer ... A lot has to do with her ex committing suicide & she has kind of gone off the map ... That is what is making this difficult

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    • So, what your saying is if there is smoke there is Fire... All of our communication has been short, so who knows! I have no idea what I would leave as a msg! She is and would be the first to tell me to get a clue and leave her alone... For the most part I feel like I am on the back burner as she go's through all this bs, she told me that she is sad & angry... And is back in therapy.. It would be nice to just talk, like I said she has had ample opportunities to tell me to get lost, other suggestions

    • Well, it sounds like getting into a relationship is the farthest thing from her mind right now. I figure you have 2 choices right now. Either keep bugging her (and maybe she will tell ya to get lost) but maybe she wants someone like you to talk to. Or you can spend the next 3 months waiting on her to get her life/ and mind back together at which point she still remembers you, causing her to make contact on her own. I'm about out of ideas brother ;-)

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