Did he lose his interest?

look there was this guy that wanted something with me... I don't know if he only wanted a kiss or if he wanted a relationship or something serious because he was texting me for 3 days.. the first day he only said I looked pretty and then the other two he was asking me if he could come over my apartment and said no at first because everyone says he is a douche but then I felt bad because I felt like I was being to judgmental on what people were saying without me actually knowing him...so I told him that I would give him chance to show me if he was a douche or not but that there would not be any kissing or anything of that sort... he first told me he was coming at 4 but then he didn't arrive and he texted me he was sorry for not coming so I asked him why he didn't come and he said halo 4(the game) then I told him he should've taken advantage of the chance I gave him and then he told me if he could come so he came over to my building... we went to the ceiling of the building and talked like for an hour... and left then we texted for like 30 min but he hasn't texted me since.. does he want me to text him or he just lost his interest? what do you think?

btw he stopped playing to come over...


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  • uh yeah you blew it

    so why would he visit you


    leave him alone

    you mean the roof and ot the ceiling

    leave him alone

    • haha yeah the roof :p... why did I blow it? by the way he did come and visit to proof he isn't a douche... he wanted to come either ways before I said no... he's reputation is really messed up..everyone thinks he is a douche even guys so I dnt know what to do so I did give him a chance instead... by the way he was the one who always started the texting

  • Probably too early to tell, should give it more time.

    • ohh OK thankss... by the way he came over on Friday wouldn't he already texted me if he was intrestead?

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