Help? I really suck at getting past this 3 month hump...

I'll try to keep this short..

I met a man 3 months ago on a dating site, but we're both single parents. So we're only seeing each other on Thursdays and every other weekend. Because of our schedules, we tend to spend the entire weekend together. We've been on out of town trips together and it feels like its going really well.

I'm starting to get anxiety though over this. I'm realizing I don't want to see other people, and I've turned down dates with other people. So while I'm feeling all this anxiety and trying to figure out if I should bring up my feelings to him, I looked up on the dating site to see that he's been active in the last 24 hours. Kinda burst my bubble.

I'm thinking that yes its been 3 months, but with us both being single parents things have to move super slow, so any normal timeline should be doubled lol.

Another thing though.. is that when we're together its like he pours his soul out to me and tells me his life story and asks appropriate questions to learn about me. But when we're not together I feel very out of site out of mind. He'll go days w/out contacting me.

Basically, I want more but fear running him off. We have plans all the way out to February with a party, and going skiing. But I feel like its me bringing up these ideas.

I understand that not every relationship is like a light switch.. some of us are on a dimmer switch. But even if we're on a dimmer switch.. is it the curse of death to just get an idea of if we're on the same page or not?


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  • You won't run him off, its entirely reasonable to share how you feel then ask him. Share first. Asking first is cowardly.

    If he is interested in more, or at least open to it, it won't run him off.

    If it runs him off he doesn't feel the same way and another few months of this wouldn't change it.


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  • are you going steady or not?


    don't control

    people are slow

  • No, I don't think it would be any problem at all to ask


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