He hasn't responded to my texts so I left him alone for a few weeks. Should I try again now?

I've had this crush on this boy for about two months and when I first started to like him I got his number and we'd text a lot and flirt and at one point we even kissed. But he just got out of a major relationship so he doesn't want anything serious. Which I do. But I told him I understood and after that we'd still talk and we were friends. But now he doesn't text me anymore or really even respond to my texts. So I haven't texted him in a few weeks. I still talk to him a little in person when I see him, but I feel like we aren't even friends anymore. Could he maybe think that I don't want to be friends anymore because I don't text him anymore or something? Should I? Thanks!


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  • i wouldn't text any more.

    just do that


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