I really like this guy... now how do I play my cards right from here?

I met this guy in July this year. We swapped numbers but I had recently come out of a relationship at the time so it was only at the beginning of October that I finally agreed to hang out with him. I went for drinks with him and his friends and I really got along well with all of them.

After that we went on two actual dates (one dinner date and one lunch date.)

He invited me and my friends to the river for the weekend with him and his friends. We went and had an amazing time. Now I've really fallen for him and would like to see him again and possibly be his girlfriend one day (hopefully soon) Lol. So how do I show him how I feel without seeming clingy or desperate? How often should I message him? Is it OK for me to ask him out on a date or should I leave that to him?


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  • If you want to ask him out, do that!

    Show him you're a modern girl!

    He should know as soon as possible what you're like in 'real life.' That is, what you are like outside of a dating ritual occasion,

    Try to be yourself for him. Don't put on any kind of front that you think he might lik better than the REAL you!.

    Don't worry about what he might thin--clingy, etc.. If he really likes you, you're not going to be seen as clingy or anything. Those words are just ways for guys to use to say they don't LIKE you!

    You can't fool a guy for long, you know, by treating your time together as a theater audition. He'll quickly figure out you're putting on an act if you try to play a role for him.

    And don't send him many messages. Wait for him to up and ANSWER one message before you send another, or you WILL appear obsessive, or trying too hard to impress him.

    Relax, be yourself, enjoy the time together, because there's never any guarantee about what tomorrow might bring!


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  • first off I would say hi likes you just for the fact that he invited you out to hangout with him and his friends... but a questions come how does he act around you does he look at your eyes your lips? have he established any physical contact? and last but not least if you want text him but not too often.. he should text you more than you text him..

  • nowadays, its totally alright for the lady to ask a guy out. go for it before some other girl swoops in.

  • Be yourself. Don't try to act aloof now when that is not how you are. Text him and call him when you want to and if he is not into that then good. You have not wasted his or yours time.


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