Best friends, is it something more? or is he too shy to do anything?

I've been really close friends with this guy for 6 months now. When we met he asked me out for coffee and we really hit it off but I wanted to get to know him more before starting a relationship. Almost every week we've been getting together, mostly one on one. He wanted to take me (and pay) for a concert, constantly brings me to his house and makes me dinner, brought me to the museum, we went out for dinner and etc. He also asked me a couple times (indirectly) if I had a boyfriend, which I said no. Now, I know what your thinking, he clearly likes me. But, why didn't he say anything about it? We never really talked about us being a couple, I think he just assumes that I friend zoned him (which I did at first)

Recently we've been acting more couply and I tried to make hints that I like him. We wore matching costumes for Halloween (It was a mutual friends idea) and he asked me to be his date for an event and we started cuddling when we watch movies.

After the second time cuddling at his place (this time it was more intimate cuddling) he still didn't make a move kissing wise or talked to me about his feelings towards me. I built up enough courage to kiss him while we were cuddling and then, he told me he liked me ( ps we were both sober). I told him I liked him as well. I had to leave so I quickly gave him another peck on the lips and left.

The next time I saw him I expected him reciprocate his feelings a bit more but he didn't. He knows that I like him, he told me he liked me AND I kissed him. YET he didn't even say anything about it. I feel like he pretended like it never happened.

I'm seeing him in 2 days. Should I bring it up/ what should I say? or should I ignore it as well?


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  • Sounds like he's just scared of moving too fast for you, making you feel pressured, and screwing things up. He's being respectful. Too damn respectful. Sloppy makeouts are required to fix this. Go.


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