Foolproof ways to know if your boyfriend AIN'T FEELIN IT

Based on recently being dumped again, AND reading the same questions from girls over and over, I'm going to share how to know if the guy you're in a relationship with doesn't like you that much. Sure he likes you, but not that much. I should have paid more attention to all of this instead of making excuses "OH BUT I LIKE HIM SO MUCH."

1. He never calls, only texts. I tried to rationalize to myself "oh he's just not a phone person." NOPE. If he's really feeling it he will be excited about you and want to talk to you on the phone.

2. You have to initiate dates with him all the time because he won't make plans until the last minute.

3. He never plans anything. Your dates consist of hanging out with him and his buddies eating pizza or something cheap--almost EVERY time you see him.

4. His place is a mess, he never does laundry. His bathroom is disgusting--He doesn't care to impress you, cause he doesn't give a sh*t if you're in the picture or now.

5. You ask him to go with you to an event you're excited about and he says he can't because he just wants to stay home watching TV. So you're forced to go alone.

6. He NEVER compliments you or says anything sweet. You blame it on his insecurity and his being afraid of boosting your ego. F that. The person you're with should want to tell you you're wonderful.

7. He doesn't say "I love you" after being together for almost a year. You can't rationalize that it's because he's afraid of he was hurt in the past or any other bullsh*t---It's because he's not in love with you. And if he's not in love with you but he continues dating you, it's always going to end TERRIBLY. Trust me on this one...

And there's more but I think you get the idea. And yes, I just was dumped by THIS person. He acted all cuddly with me and was actually a very nice person, but clearly did not give a sh*t about me and we continued dating for a long time. What a waste. I'm still having a hard time getting over him even knowing he treated me badly.


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  • Yeah, that pretty much covers it.

    My sister was actually married one of these. Once the ring was on her hand, it's like he turned into a different person. He'd never want to go out with her anywhere, he never took care of any of the household chores, she'd be excited to go see a band, and he'd just tell her to go alone or with friends (television's apparently more exciting), he'd never compliment her, and in fact he'd get upset with her if she dressed up at all to go out (as if jeans and a decent top was considered "dressing up"). Wouldn't ever just randomly kiss her and tell her he loved her or anything. Couldn't even manage a card on their anniversaries.

    And then he'd be all upset, and cry to me that she hadn't had sex with him for four months. What the hell do you expect? Treat your woman like a woman, and not your damn mother.

    God, I'm glad that's over and I don't have to hear about it anymore.

    • Wow, I will never understand some men! I'm glad she got out. Thanks for posting :)

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  • Er, yeah. Sounds about right for some dudes, but there are an equal # of females like this too. No excuse for it. Treating people like sh*t means you are sh*t too. You have to know sh*t to give it, something like that. Take some responsibility for letting people treat you that way too. You recognize it now, good for you! Don't ever let it happen again. No reason for it. If you see it again, just leave it right away, don't wait for him to change. He should have played his "A" game to start with.

    • Thanks! The thing that sucks is he was smart and he always made me laugh and the sex was great and so I became enamored with him and I just didn't even care about how I was being treated. He would always hold me in his arms and sh*t and I guess I cared more about that. I feel sad and miss him because I viewed everything as "Oh, well he doesn't have much money, so it's OK he we only do this etc." "He's a busy person, it's OK if he doesn't call. He said he likes me so..."

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    • Not an idiot, but you were rationalizing his bad treatment of you and that's always a mistake. Doesn't matter if a guy doesn't have cash, if he loves you, he's still going to treat you like a queen, not crap.

    • I'm so depressed and I can't stop missing him and wanting to be with him even though I know he didn't treat me the best. I don't know how to get over it. We never fought or anything and always had good times together and I completely fell in love with him. Now I'm afraid I won't find someone who makes me feel this way. And I'm afraid no one will ever love me. Ugh. I hate life.

  • As a guy I can agree with the items on this list.

  • I disagree with number 1. I'm not a phone person, in fact I really hate talking on the phone and I very rarely call my girlfriend (only if there's a reason for it)

    With 2 and 3 it depends... I always leave my girlfriend to make the plans cause she knows I'm basically always free whereas she is always busy

    4 I guess is probably true, my place is a mess but my girlfriend never comes here, if she did I guess I'd tidy up a bit first

    6 I agree with and probably 5 and 7 too in most cases

    • He used to call his ex on the phone all the time though

    • When he dating her

    • Ahh OK in that case I guess it's probably true, but you didn''t say this in the description

      Still though he could've grown to not like the phone anymore or he could have had credit then and not now for example

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  • I don't understand how you were the girlfriend if the guy never even really cared about you based on what you have said... did he ask you out initially? Did he have fun with you but then didn't care about you much? I just don't understand this type of is it even a relationship? How did this relationship start? How did the relationship last such a long time?

    • A friend set us up and we kept dating and he was really really into me when we first started dating. We always had fun together when we saw each other, so there wasn't any drama. We have the same interests, he's funny, etc. He does "care" about me and likes me a lot, but isn't in love with me, I guess.

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