GUYS: we kissed/made out, now what?

I met this guy at a house party. We go to the same university but different classes. He asked for my number and we hung out the next day. I said we should be friends but then we ended up kissing. I told him it would be awkward the next day. He texted the next day he is sorry if I'm upset about last night and he hopes it's not gonna get in the way of our friendship Because he thinks I'm a really cool girl.

We hung out 2 more times. He didn't make a move on me and was respectful the whole time. On Sunday night we watched a movie together at my apartment and ended up kissing again, and making out for a long time on my bed. But we didn't go any further. He said he told his dad about me. He gave me a massage and said "I'm putting you to sleep." He left after kissing me on the forehead and mumbling, "I'll text you."

I haven't heard from him for 3 days and soon is going to be 4 days. He usually text even right after we hang out. Now he's MIAs. Is he losing interest or playing hard to get?

He said "I'll text you" so should I wait for him to text me or should I go ahead and text him? I want him as a boyfriend.


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  • You are both giving each other mixed signals. Do you want a boyfriend or a friend? If you want a friend out of him, I think you have completely blown it. If you want a boyfriend, you might have a chance, but I'd try calling and telling him that you like him as more than a friend but that you were afraid of getting too close at first. If he's open to the idea, he'll say so.

    • Nothing wrong with calling him first. Call, don't text. Texts take forever and a day to find out what the result is. Just pick up the phone, call him and tell him how you feel and would like to hang out with him again soon.

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