What did I do? Should I wait till the weekend or try and move on?

This guy I "met" online and I chatted on there for two months. Then we started texting. I thought it was going good for awhile, but now I think he's losing interest (go figure).

Lately, I've tried backing off on the texts, seeing if he's text me more & to not seem so needy/pushy...whatever you want to say.

We haven't talked on the phone...red flag right there eh?

This always seems to happen to me...I start talking to a guy, it seems to be going good and then boom...little to no communication.

What should I do fellas? Wait to see if he texts back? Call him on Friday? Try SUPER hard to get over him...


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  • try being upfront with him and asking how he feels then there is no gray area to slip around if he really is intrested try setting up a date possiblely someplace public see how it goes if not then go ahead and move on


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