Guys: Who would you rather date?

Would you rather date a really pretty girl that has a lot of guys chasing after her - or date a really pretty girl that is more introverted and has barely any other guys chasing after her? If you date the first girl would you be afraid that she would cheat on you? just wondering...


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  • I'll take the introvert anyday.

    That's why I tend to date more conservative women.


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  • definately introverted, my best relationships were with really pretty but quite introverted women, flirty women are a headache in my experienced

  • The pretty girl that is introverted. My girlfriend is like this, only she has guys hit on her often and she hates it.

    As for the second part of the question, I would be afraid that she could cheat on me, not saying she would, but just the fact that she can go to anyone else if she gets bored of me.


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