Me and my ex-boyfriend began to talk again, what to do next ?

me and my ex boyfriend broke up on bad terms with everything messed up.

He's birthday is on Saturday so two days ago I texted him happy upcoming birthday because really I couldn't just wait until it actually comes

and to my surprise he was so nice he even said that he misses me and said it's the best thing that ever happened to him that we started to talk again

he talked about he's school and everything thing and then I ended the conversation by saying I should go to bed, talk to you later.

he didn't text me since then, will he ever do ?

oh by the way he readded me on fb while we were texting.


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  • If you guys broke up with things messed up, I wouldn't delve into things with him too much. He's probably saying he misses you because he was with you for a while and it's usually courteous to reply thank you/be nice when you wish someone a happy birthday. I would say don't care if he messages you again as you guys clearly did not work out before - find someone new to pursue.

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