What does an 'awsome date' consist of?

This is directed more towards the females; but if guys have any good examples of dates they took their girls on just post 'em below. I've got a few of my own. I just don't want this summer to get boring with the same old thing every time we go out. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP IN ADVANCE!


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  • Well if its going to be during the summer then go outside! Go to the beach and have a barbque. Also do active stuff together that get your adrenline pumping like a theme park or a carnival which is very cute especially if you play one of those games and win something for her. You could also go on a little walk while the sun is going down. Or do some sort of a sport especially if the girl doesn't know how to do it because then you can teach her and she'll learn something new. Believe me girls love it! Unless you get to touchy then that's not cool.


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