How do I stop from being annoyed at the slowness this is going?

I'm reconnecting with an ex I was close with for two years. We were practically living together. Two years have passed in which we separated. I missed him and cared for him, wanted to hear of him. So we saw each other, and acted like we were still a couple. We've been seeing each other weekly. While he seems to have no problem being physical, I seem to have no problem being emotionally connected. I say this because we've held hands, kissed and that's fine. But, he wants to take it further already. I mean it's not like we haven't before. But, I want the intimacy, the being at each others' places, for that moment to feel special. I want us to share with each other. (Yeah, how typical lol) He seems to hide some personal stuff. Maybe it's not just the time, but will it ever be?

I feel really invested in this, like I've been wanting it for a long time. We're taking our time because hey, it's been so long and maybe we're different. Also, we don't want to argue or past mistakes to be repeated. But, I feel like I initiate more or I'm more eager. At least when we don't see each other. When we see each other, I've had my walls up a bit but he was open, except for sharing personal problems. So when we're separate, I go a little crazy. Because I wonder why he's not more excited to connect with me. And maybe that's unreasonable and my insecurity, or maybe he's just not as into me as I am in him. I asked him if we were dating and he said we'd talk about it when we see each other. Maybe I don't really expect yeah let's date right away, I was just getting annoyed because I don't know where we stand. Also, I'm being a little like one of those clingy people and I hate it. I don't express it to him. Maybe we should talk more. It just drives me insane. Because I want to be at his house already. I want to see him more often. I also feel like I may be stuck in the past.. Jesus, what a situation.


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  • If you don't want to feel annoyed, just increase your personal communication with him. Talk with him about all your discomforts and the feelings that welled up inside you. I'm sure he can understand as someone who shared his life with you briefly.


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