How can I text my guy and ask him to visit me after our big fall?

we have a fallen out we going through I really need to see him to talk about us what message can I text him without him thinking I'm sending something that will make him mad...lately we been arguing


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  • You follow the basic rules of non-aggressive conversation:

    1) You talk about what you want, not what he "should"

    2) You talk about what you feel, not what he "is"

    3) You Ask about him and then you LISTEN to what he says without turning it around and using it against him.

    4) You do not bring back stupid details from way back. Bygone is bygone. The past is the past and is not relevant anymore.


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  • Just simply tell him you want to see him in persons to talk about the issue you guys are having and that textin doesn't work for you ,u rather talk face to face for that way you will really see and understand how each other feel