Are sweet texts clingy? From a girl to a guy?

Like yeah, if a girl receives a really cute message from her boyfriend its like "awwww he's so sweet" but, do guys wanna read that? My boyfriend is at his friends house atm and I just thought about texting him just to tell him I love him but then I was like wait... Is that clingy? So... Should I? Guys, would you like it? Or would it be clingy/annoying?


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  • Since I'm the clingy one in my relationship, I wanna say that those kinds of texts generally did not come off as all that clingy so long as you don't send them all the time. After fretting over it for a long time I ended up deciding that I shouldn't worry so much and just text what I want to text. It's who I am and I should be accepted for it. She hasn't been bothered by all my cheesy texts so far, so just don't send them too often.

  • Not in moderation, like a little moderation lol.

    Too much, it ceases to be cute.


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