You're going on a first date with a girl you're really into... Guys this ones for you!

what would you love to see her in? What ideally should she wear for the first date with you, if you're going to a dinner then drinks in the evening (assume she has a hot figure, so anything goes). Please be specific and no silly answers!


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  • Classy yet not too revealing (keeps the mind active).

    Humble yet not shy.

    Something with a bit of attitude but not too cocky.

    Try to look good but not too good; imagine yourself as a meal, let him see the starter, then see if he wants the main course then if you're having a great connection and feel confident go all out for desert.

    Personally I'd prefer to be held in the balance, wanting more.

  • I would want her to wear something that she feels comfortable in, that reflects her personality, her sense of style and what she likes.

    Nothing worse than false advertising.


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