So I went on a coffee date with a girl. I asked for another date, is she interested?

We had a good time. We talked about different types of food and I mentioned she should try Ethiopian. After the date, I messaged her if she'd like to go to dinner one of these days. This was her response:



Maybe we can try one of those Ethiopian places for dinner? I'll have to get back to you on a date though, this week is a bit busy, so let me get back to you

Have a good week!


Did she blow me off?


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  • No, she didn't. She pretty much said you will hear from her in future when she gets her schedule more sorted.

    If she doesn't contact you within 7-14 days then you know she is not interested.

    No one is THAT busy.

    • Well, we went out Saturday Nov 10, and I still haven't heard back from her. Fingers crossed!

    • Hope it works out for u. Thanks for the award. <333

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