How stupid can I get... I've fallen for another one

So here I go again. After it has happened a few times that everything in a potential relationship has gone wrong I decided to just leave the dating scene alone and not be looking for anybody or even date anybody.

But a couple of weeks ago I meat a nice and friendly because we had a mutual friend. Anyway we started hanging out a lot. Strange stuff like hang out in the parking lot for hours just sitting in the car and joking and talking until 6 am. So last time I invited her up to my place for a peace of pizza and something to drink and she was supposed to leave quick but ended up talking again for two hours.

Like I said I had no intention of getting involved with anyone but I'm finding myself thinking of her and wanting to see her more and more and spend time with her. Now she's responding to some stuff like a little flirting and physical contact. There are several things indicating that she's very comfortable in close contact with me. But on the other hand she was telling a guy we were talking to that she's not interested in dating at all and doesn't need a guy. Yet again whenever we're close she comes closer to me and there's this vibe from her. Like when we dance she always snugs up to me and huges me like she want's to be closer. She's always texted me if I'm coming out and even came to my place so we could go out together in staid of meeting wherever.

So I asked her if she wanted to go get a drink on my birthday and she said she would love to but she had no time because she was traveling the next morning.

I don't know maybe I'm stupid and don't pick up the signals right or I'm grasping at straws because I kind of like her and want her to like me to or what. But I do know that she's really nice and I'd love to pursue something with her but I don't want to get hurt again and don't want to get rejected again.

How do I handle this?

I just know I'm going to get anxious and do something stupid and screw it up. I'm not good in these kind of situations and I don't know why she would like me anyway. The only ace up my sleeve that I have comparing to all the other bunch of guys around her is I'm not hitting on her but more flirting when we can and one other thing she loves dancing with me because I'm a good dancer actually I'm a pro and have been teaching for years.

What do I do? I'm scared that I'm already starting to like her too much and that she's not even considering me as a potential dating material.

Well here we go again.

She was all interested one day and then I don't know I feel like she has started to lose interest or I did something wrong or stupid and she's holding back. In either case I've got no clue what to do and anything I do just makes it worse. And I'm not exactly sold on the idea of talking with her because these things generally don't go too well.


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  • Just keep doing what your doing if it's meant to be it will be just try not to obsess and talk to other girls till you know she's into you. But I am the same I don't want to get hurt again . Good luck

    • Thanks. Yeah I'm trying not to obsess but it ain't working all the time.

      I know I can't do anything about it but I just don't want to screw it up like I always do.

      It just feels like it's never meant to be.

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