What do you think about superstitious people? Would you date them?

I saw an episode of "charmed" and was Tuesday and 13 and Piper just lost it she threw salt behind her back she didn't want to go to diner with a guy that ask her out etc.

Finally when she went for dinner with the guy she told him that she is superstitious and he left her.

I am not superstitious and sometimes I get annoyed from people that are but I don't think that I'll left a guy because of that.

it depends from how superstitious he is.


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  • Most of us have at least a small amount of superstition...as long as it is not obsessive or something...or annoying and get in the way of your life/relationship then it should be OK...many, many years ago people told me that, if I found a penny, then good luck should ensue...but it seemed to me that, not only did good luck not ensue, it seemed as though bad luck followed...so I quit picking up pennies...although I still pick up anything from a nickel or larger...(:(:(:


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  • Sure, if she doesn't let her superstitions completely control her lol.


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