Did I flirt inappropriately?

So, I've started dating a guy, our first real date was about a week ago, and we are going out again tomorrow, but we've spent a good amount of our time between then hanging out.. Well tonight I got drunk and ended up talking to my old friend over Facebook and we were chatting about the last time we really hung out (where we made out, not when we just talked and got coffee) and how we haven't hung out in a while, besides getting coffee and he said he really enjoyed the last time we really hung out.

obviously, I did what a respectable girl does, I say I did too, but it'd be a little inappropriate to hang out again like that since I'm dating someone now. he apologized, but then I continued to flirt with him. It was also his birthday today to so I joked around, feeling like I deflated his groove with me rejecting his hang out I joked about how I knew something that could inflate his ego (that he was the first guy I ever kissed - that was senior year of high school, embarrassing I know)

I feel bad since I'm dating someone else. Like maybe I shouldn't have flirted or talked about that stuff with him. This guy I'm dating, he's probably the nicest guy in the universe, and when we started dating a week ago I felt great about everything, talking bout the future. And now I go and flirt with some old fling on Facebook?

What's going on in my head right now? the guy I'm dating is so perfect for me, but all I've been thinking about lately is "dear god don't let me become a cheater". that's what I fear the most. I never ever want to cheat on anyone in my life, and I feel like thinking about or talking to this guy/guys back home (i'm at college now) that I'm friends with, or had flings with is almost cheating in a way. like the thought of "really" hanging out didn't sound that bad to me, it was the cheating that sounded like the worst thing in the world to me.

any other girl been through this?


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  • Yes, you've been flirting appropriately. If you got the urge to flirt, why not pour it to the guy you're dating? Flirting with other guys would lead you to cheating, no matter how committed you are to your guy.


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