Too busy to call potential date. How do I make it up?

So because of school and other stuff, I've been too busy to call a girl I like for a couple of days. However I have left a few texts because when I do get a break to call it's too late. I don't think she likes it because she either lost interest or is freezing me out. We're only a couple dates in, so I probably shouldn't worry or care. I'd just hate to miss out on a good potential relationship for a reason so dumb.

Girls, how would I explain that I was actually that busy? If someone told you that and gave reasons, would you believe and forgive them?


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  • Call her and set up a time to meet. It'll only take a few minutes. That way she'll have something to look forward to. Explain that you've been really busy and that you'd love to see her at such and such time.


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