How will I get a boyfriend at this rate? :(

So I'm 18 and I've really had no luck when it comes to the guy department.. Pretty much every guy I've had a crush on, I've found out a while later that he has a girl. Half the time wind up seeing them kiss or whatever and I end up feeling hurt. The few I've tried to talk to just ignored me or laughed at me.. And it seems to always happen. How am I suppose to get a boyfriend if literally no one likes me... :( it feels like it's not going to happen. And I'm like doomed to this :/ I never had a good experience with school being always bullied and I could never even get a date in school cause most of the girls told most of the guys I'm a freak and they never liked me.. Even for our grad supper, literally everyone was paired up for a date but me... There was one really cute guy that was left when everyone paired up. So I went up and asked him... And he literally said no in front of my whole grad class :'( everyone laughed because he tripled up with another couple.. So again I had no one. I didn't even go to the supper because I was to embarrassed to show up after that. Why is this happening to me? :/ am I like a guy repellant or something. Like in all honesty I wouldn't say I'm ugly. Even though most of the time I feel like I am because of all the stuff that's happened to me. I'm not overweight. It's just half the girls in my school were drop dead gorgeous. So of course no guy would wanna be with me :( what do I do?


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  • First of all don't bring yourself down! Each person is unique in their own way and you shouldn't have to compare yourself to other girls just because they're "drop dead gorgeous". Give yourself some credit. Stay confident and most importantly DO NOT GIVE UP. That's the last thing you'd want to do. You are your own judge and critic, don't leave that up to others and I'm not the type to judge so I say be yourself because that's the best anyone can do. No one can compare to what you do and you shouldn't have to rely on others opinions. They can give you advice but you have to ultimately make that decision. It's never too late, I'm 21 and I've only been in two real relationships, I've made my share of mistakes and I felt the same as you at times. Thinking no one will find me good enough or being too scared to take a chance. Life is all about taking risks and chances. But what you don't try to go after will only leave you regretting. Just find confidence in yourself to not rely so much on others or trying to find someone just because you're lonely. We lived most of our lives without a significant other anyways, the rest of the time we're either searching or waiting around for them to come. You'll be stronger knowing that you can live your life being independent and when a guy see's that I'm sure he'll respect that. I would like a girl who knows what she wants and knows where she's going in life. So just focus on yourself and what do you really want in life. You can do it.

    I hope this helps!


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