Should I be very cornerned about this girl from my boyfriend's work?

There is this girl my boyfriend told me about at his work. She move to our town because of her boyfriend then she got dumped and she has no other friends here. A few months ago, she started texting and calling my boyfriend. My boyfriend has told her about us. But I got really angry once because he was on the phone with him for an hour. My boyfriend explained and that never happened again.

He has also been ignoring her calls and text as I noticed. but she still sends him texts a lot. (we live together so I notice when he has got text) My boyfriend said she is really ugly and she can't even be compare to me so I shouldn't be worry. I can see my bg being very annoyed by her too. We think she has been stalking my boyfriend on Facebook and she said she wanted to just come to our house without notice. she also told my boyfriend she knows exactly where we live.

What do you think we should do? This is getting pretty annoying.i am not angry but just finding that very ridiculous.


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  • I think if ignoring her is not working then your boyfriend should talk to her. He should have a firm talk to her about how her behavior is making the two of you uncomfortable and that she should either stop or tone it down.

    • the other thing that annoys me is that my boyfriend is not that kind of person who could just walk up to somebody and talk. He's got some anxiety issue so he has always been pretty soft and tend to keep quiet and suffer.i have thought about telling her off but I don't wanna do anything that makes him look bad too.