Is he interested in me or not?

OK I sign up for this dating site a couple weeks ago, I saw this Guy profile and he kinda caught my eye so I sent him a flirt, he didn't respond, OK a few day past I sent him a message he still didn't respond I sent him about 5 messages with no respond, so I sent him what was gonna be my last message then he responded, he apologize for not responding, do all that past he give me his number now we text we been texting for about a week now, but I don't think his really that into me, he don't ask me to many question about myself I ask most of the question , I have to text him first before he text me. I don't know what to do I really like him , I ask him once if he like me he said yes, but I still don't think his that into me. I don't wanna wast my time like am desperate Because am not, how do I really know if his really interested in me and want to date me what do I do or ask him. Please someone help oh and he live in a different state and ask me to go visit. So am just confused. Dose he want or not.


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  • If a female friend of mine came to me and asked what I thought about a situation like that, I'd tell her to drop it IMMEDIATELY. There a TON of red flags in what you just described, and I would be very worried for your safety.

    Going out of the state to a strange place to visit a random guy is doing nothing but inviting trouble. It is not worth the risk.

    No matter where you live, there has got to be hot guys in your city/town where you can meet and feel more comfortable going to places you know.


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  • This is hard one. Personally it sounds like he is slightly interested in you however this may be due to the fact that he has never met you in person. His offer to see you sounds like he might want to get to know you.

    Now with that said something else sounds fishy to me. You met on a dating website so you don't know him really well and yet somehow you really like him. Though I am the paranoid type when it comes to that stuff he may not be who you think he is. I would at least talk to him on the phone first make sure his age is what he says it is. If you go make sue someone always knows where you are and check in with them.


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