Girls, please help me with my shyness!

I want to talk to girls but I can't. I don't ever know what to say to them. please help me to know what to say to a girl before we are dating, and what to talk about while dating her.

I need to know what to say like, how to actually carry on a normal conversation... like hi how are you, what do you like to do in your free time... like that kind of stuff to say, but how would I transition from one question to the other... and for the dating part, what do I talk about when I'm with her because by the time we are dating I'm sure I'm going to know a lot about her and there really won't be much to talk about I ask her stuff about her day or what do I say to start a convo


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  • you already answered your own question... "Hi, how are you?""So what do you like to do in your spare time?"are great starts. And you transition from topic to topic the same as when talking to any other person

    you are putting girls up on a pedestal. We are the same as you but with baby rearing parts.

    As for when you are in a relationship, that's the tricky part. That's where you find out why you should make sure you guys are good friends before committing to each other. If you aren't good friends first, you'll find once any sexual flame dies you won't have much to talk about and you will probably get pretty bored.

    Just say what's on your mind. Even if she'll think its dumb, she'll probably just laugh. And getting a girl to laugh is a good thing.

    Girls are not that scary. we're pretty normal. Just think of how you talk with your mother.

    • Im funny lol, I can definitely make someone laught :DDD

      i just get nervous and I'm alway over thinking whether or not she will make fun of me.. cause I live in texas, and if you don't fit in, you get made fun of... and I'm not from texas, I'm from ohio so yeahh..

    • Ohh you poor thing! Well... you're talking to a girl right now and you aren't doin too bad! I know internet is NOT the same as real life but hey, its. Start! you got this. bro!

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  • its easy .. use this technique .. when she says something .. comment on it by adding a value to the conversation and then ask another question .. silly example "are you latin?" .. "yes am from -whatever-" .. "cool , I have always wanted to go there" .. or "no am not" .. "oh really .. so what's your background?" .. this thing can go for days until ice is broken

    • yea, that's good but what do I talk about when I am dating a girl... I don't want to just stand there and be silent..thats weird as hell lmfao.. I just want to know what to say and what to do when I am dating a girl, cause if I do date this girl then my life would be amazing! lol