Based off this text..would you continue dating this person?

I've been talking to this really cute guy for a few weeks now. We were texting the other day & the convo went something like this:

him: what are you doing this weekend?

me: I'm going to a lounge this Saturday

him: Cool.

me: It would be even cooler if you could come with me.

him: oh.

The reason why I mentioned the part about him coming with me was because he's been asking me a lot lately when we were gonna hangout. (We have never hang out before)

obviously, he turned me down even if he didn't say "No I don't wanna come with you" All he said was "Oh" and have yet to text me back. its been days now since he text that. He usually call or text me every morning & has even given me a cute nickname. I wish he would've been happy to hang out with me or at least give me a better response as to why he won't come. I want to know, what should I do if this guy text me back again. I plan to permanently ignore his text msgs. (1)Do I have to actually tell him to please don't text me anymore? OR (2)should I continue texting him and see if he redeems himself later? Thanks

he usually text or call me every morning and has even given me a cute nickname.

  • YES. Just to see how things will turn out or if things will gradually change
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  • His response doesn't necessarily have to mean no. The "oh" could simply mean that he was surprised you said that and it was more like "Oh, is that right?"

    If you had continued the texting then you'd know. He might be sitting there confused wondering why you are ignoring him.

    It was weird of him to answer with just that, but texting is a tool made for misunderstandings.

    • Thanks for answering. I see where your coming from..but obviously ,me mentioning it in the first place was not to get an"Oh". It was an INVITE and a "yea that would be cool" or "sorry I cant" would've been much better. "Oh" just seems rude. Would you recommend me replying to his future text seeing where it goes or should I just ignore and keep it moving?

    • I agree with you and for most people it would be obvious that you gave him an invite.

      Perhaps he is one of the few who don't get that or perhaps he's playing hard to get, I don't know. If you like this guy then I'd say you shouldn't ignore him. But you shouldn't chase him either. I feel the ball is pretty much in his court now since I feel you've pretty much made your intentions clear.

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