I'm interested in a girl I met online and met outside already. What's the best way to carry on ?

I've known this girl about a month from a travel site and she came over to my country (nearby) with some friends earlier this week. So I also brought my friends and we had nice dinner together.

I didn't really look at my best though due to pimples on my face and I thought maybe the girl wouldn't chat with me after the dinner.

Surprisingly, she text me via phone about the dinner and then we continued chatting online until today. Plus, she also added me on Facebook. During these chats, she asked questions like whether I'm attached, if I'm dating anybody and others more. She's not attached either.

Overall, I've been pleased with the meetup, this girl as a nice person. During our chats, we've been teasing each other also and we've taken it positively.

So, what is the best way for me to carry on this friendship until I really get to date her again ? Or putting my friendship to another level ? I don't want to rush things quickly either.

What are your thoughts on this so far ?


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  • If you don't want to rush things, just suggest a casual get together but this time make it just you two. It doesn't have to be dinner, it could be breakfast or lunch which makes things a lot more casual. Go see a movie or something.

    Keep chatting to her- girls love a guy that can actually carry on a conversation. Ask her questions about her life and interests, show that you are interested in her.

    By the sounds, you guys are really hitting it off and everything that has happened so far seems positive and like it went well so it wouldn't be overstepping it to go on a date - even if you don't refer to it as such :) She is interested in you otherwise she wouldn't be talking to you so don't be shy.

    • candyisntarealname,

      as she lives in the neighboring nation and my birthday is approaching, is it fine if I tell her that my trip to her country is to ask her out on a date ?

      how would I politely tell her that 'i'd like a just the 2 of us get together' ?

      and what kinds of topics would every feline love to talk about proudly ?

    • I think it's kind of romantic that you would go to her country just to ask her out.. but I 'm not everyone so maybe leave out that little detail for the time being. If you just say how about we get together sometime, just us. It's all about the way you say it that makes it polite. (hard to convey over internet sorry) Casually, friendly. Not like I want to get you alone so I can rape you kind of thing lol Umm you could ask her about her work or study if she is studying..

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  • Sorry I can't answer the questions fully via comment so we will just continue here :) You can also ask about where she wants to be in the future, her favorite get away places. Just anything that will maybe spark similarities between the two of you and ultimately a good conversation.


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