If a guy doesn't keep plans how should you react?

Hello! I'm looking for some opinions on how others would react in this situation.

Basically, I was talking to a guy last night. We went on our first date about two weeks ago. He offered that we met up today as he would be in the area looking at a car he was thinking of buying. He said what time he should be finished around and said for me to call him around then. I told him it would be easier if he called me and he agreed. So...I waited and he never called. Hours later and I haven't even had a text message saying that he would be too busy to meet up. My phone is defiantly working. I find this extremely rude, considering the fact he was also about an hour late for the first date. We get along great otherwise, and he was apologetic the first time but I don't enjoy being screwed around.

Should I text him to ask what happened today or leave it until he contacts me? Would it be over the top of me to tell him I found it rude and ask him to waste my time? (In a polite way, of course) Thanks!

*Not waste my time :)


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  • As a very punctual person myself, I find this to be extremely rude. If he really likes you, he would have been more interested in apologizing earlier or at least find a sensible excuse to give you other than his pathetic apology. I don't like this to happen to you very early on because if anything it will only get worse. Arriving on time reflects his respect to you, so it isn't only about admiration. At this stage in a relationship, he should be eager to see you. He should be punctual or at least apologize really early so that you don't leave home for him.

    I know that he could be busy, but I never get the "I'm so busy" thing because if you're busy, I'm also busy and I don't have time to waste on waiting for someone who isn't going to show up. Atleast show me some respect and call and give me a sound excuse. I do believe that if someone likes you, he will respect you, care for you and put you in his plans.

    If you aren't in his plans early on, then sure you aren't in his plans further on.

    You can enjoy very well his company and all, but having him as a partner will only drive you crazy. I think that if you want to give him another chance, make it the last one. Also, make sure to let him know that you like people to be punctual (say it in a positive construction, not a negative construction). Like don't say "You're rude". You can say "I like you to be..." or "I like people to be ..." and ofcourse don't say that he wastes your time. Just give him an alert, casually and politely, and see what happens. If he does it again, then don't even bother to see him again or blame him on anything. Just forget about him.

    Hope this helps.

    • assalamualaikum, you a mod now? congrats, oh and a very very late eid mubarak but still eid mubarak nonetheless

    • That's really good advice. I'll go with it, thanks :)

    • @ lifes_curve_ball: I've been a mod for almost a year now, but thanks. And Very happy bealted Eid to you and your family. :)

      @ QA: Glad I could help. I wish you all the best. :)

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