Ex boyfriend dumped me first and now trying to talk to me?

we were together for 3 months and then he said he is not feeling the same about me..and I told him that he might have found someone he said he don't have to look for anyone because he has girls lined up for him..he is a bit cocky and egoistic..but anyways so I stopped talking to him for a month of No contact..then he has been texting me lately and I am just giving him one word replies..he usually texts me at night and its like text once in 2-3 days..like hows it going..then 4 days ago he said he's just checking up on me..how I m doing and currently he is visiting some different state..and I replied to him saying why should I care? and since then I never heard from him again...was I rude to him? is he gone for good? what was he trying to do?


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  • With what was going on and him saying he had girls lined up no it wasn't rude. And him breaking up with you and telling you he doesn't have to look cause he got girls lined up is f***ed up. But it sounds like him starting to try to contact you again means he was being cocky when he said that and really had no one lined up, or he just thought he did. So no he's not gone but do you really want a cocky egotistic jerk in your life. I'm gonna tell you the same thing you told me. You deserve better. And after the conversation we had you sound like a sweet kind hearted person who any guy would be proud to have.

    • awww thanks that's very sweet of you! and I am sure any girl would be lucky to have you too! but you think he will come back again and contact me? because after I said why shud I care? he just replied with an OK and never came back online...

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    • And I hope we get a chance to chat again soon. Been fun

    • hahah yes! pleasure is all mine:)

      for sure!

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